What is GEOS?

GEOS is an international emergency response center that is integrated with Tracertrak SOS messages.

GEOS is a free optional emergency response service for all Tracertrak accounts.

The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) is a global Search and Rescue Coordination Center for Satellite Emergency Notification Devices (SEND). GEOS has  global partnerships with SEND providers and integrates works with official Search and Rescue (SAR) Agencies around the globe.  GEOS's has successfully coordinated the rescues of thousands of people in need in over 198 countries and territories.

When a Tracertrak account is created, it can either be connected to GEOS or not connected to GEOS.  Once a Tracertrak account is created, it is not possible to update it's GEOS connection (add a connection or remove a connection) without resetting the account.  Therefore, it is an important consideration whether or not to connect with GEOS when creating a Tracertrak account.  Unless GEOS is explicitly not desired because SOS emergencies will be exclusively handled by your own systems and processes, it is recommended to connect with GEOS.  GEOS enabled Tracertrak accounts require a larger set of mandatory details for each person added to the account.  These personal details are registered with GEOS when the person is allocated to a compatible device.

A GEOS connected Tracertrak account will send all SOS alarm notifications through to GEOS.  When GEOS receives a SOS alarm notification from Tracertrak, it will attempt to contact the emergency contacts for the person whose device initiated the SOS.  In the event that a person is not allocated to the device which initiated the SOS alarm, GEOS will attempt to contact the default emergency contacts for the related Tracertrak account.

If GEOS is able to determine that the SOS is a "false alarm" and there is in fact NO emergency that requires emergency services to respond to, GEOS will stand down and take no further action.

If GEOS is unable to determine that the SOS is a "false alarm" OR confirm that the SOS emergency is genuine, GEOS will contact local emergency services relevant to the location reported with the SOS event.  GEOS will liaise with emergency services to co-ordinate any rescue efforts that may be required. 

It is recommended that you have your own SOS escalation process within your organisation, in addition to the GEOS response.  This will ensure the fastest and best overall response to an SOS emergency.

GEOS emergency response services are integrated with the following Tracertrak solutions:

  • SPOT Gen3
  • SPOT Gen4
  • inReach Mini
  • inReach SE
  • inReach SE+
  • inReach Explorer
  • inReach Explorer+
  • Iridium Extreme (9575)
  • Safeworker App